Dunraven Sports Day!


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Dear families
On your marks…get ready…GO!

Sports Day 10 July
We are inviting your child to take part in our Virtual Sports Day this year.  The table below sets out the activities with a short description and an example of how this can be carried out.  There are KS1 and KS2 medals available for some activities and we have also included some just for fun!  Please send in any photos or videos of your Virtual Sports Day to your year group email and we will award some prizes for the most creative challenges!

Those children in school will be able to take part in some of these activities on Friday but are more than welcome to continue the other events over the weekend at home.

The Dunraven Virtual Sports Day 2020
Activity  Description  Example  Scoring 
Medal Activities
Sit Ups  How many sit ups can you do in a minute? Video example  The total number of complete sit ups (as modelled in the video).
Standing Jump From a standing position, see how far you can jump. Measure your jump from where the back of your foot lands Video example  Total distance in cm. 
Skipping  How many complete jumps can you make in 1 minute? Video example Total number of jumps in one minute. 
Keepie Uppies  Using something that is kickable, see how many kick ups you can do. 

(Possible items:
Football, toilet roll, scrunched up paper, rolled up socks) 

Video example Total number of kick ups. 
Burpees  How many burpees can you do in 1 minute? Video example  The total number of complete burpees in 1 minute (as modelled in the video).
Activities for fun
Egg and Spoon  Create your own egg and spoon race.  Be creative with your ‘egg’ if you don’t have any! Video example 
The Bucket Challenge Using bean bags or something similar, see if you can hit a target roughly 2m away, 3m away and 5m away.  

Video example

Balancing  Can you balance a book on your head? Can you balance on one leg?  Video example 
Juggling  Try and teach yourself to juggle with 3 balls, 3 pieces of scrunched up paper or 3 rolled up socks.  Video example You may need a little longer to practise this one!


We would love to see any other activities that you come up with but please make sure you talk to your families in advance about how to complete the activities safely.

Good luck to everyone taking part.  We hope you all have fun and look forward to seeing some photos or videos of your Sports Day activities.