Home Learning: Day 55 (Friday 26/6/20)

Good Morning Beech Class!
One more day of learning to do and you will have completed another week of Home Learning…well done! I have loved seeing all the fantastic work that you’ve sent in this week. As lots of you use the full week to finish off tasks, activities and projects I’m moving today’s Classwork Gallery to Monday. It looks set to be a Mega Exhibition!

Before we start, just a quick reminder about Class Photos. The deadline for these is the end of next week (Friday 3 July), full instructions below. Thank you to everyone who has already sent a picture in, you are all looking gorgeous.

Year 3 Class Photo
As we won’t have an official photo this year we are planning on creating one of our own. Please email your photo to year3@dunraven.org.uk following the guidelines below:
1. Wear your school uniform
2. The photo should be a portrait (not landscape) of your head and shoulders
3. No other person or animal should be in the photo
4. The background can be as creative as you like
5. Remember to smile!

Here is an example of Mr Milner

Screenshot 2020-06-17 at 23.16.00


Multiply and Divide by 1000
Today we will be applying our knowledge of scales and mass from earlier this week and using the correct symbols to explain whether masses are greater, smaller or equal to each other. Click here to get started.

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 12.52.51.png


Chapter 4 of Queen Martha is ready to read…
Was it really King Arthur’s ancient magical sword? Could our old dog be Merlin the magician? Was I the rightful heir to King Arthur’s treasure?

When thinking about your escape plans start by identifying what the problems are. How will you overcome these problems? What resources are there in the cellar that may help you escape? Try sketching your plan first to give you a step-by-step approach.

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 13.14.56


This week’s words for you to practise. Your Spelling Test has been set for next Wednesday, the 1st July.

Screenshot 2020-06-25 at 14.15.40

Soap Sculptures
Barbara Hepworth was a famous British Sculptor. She often created sculptures which were inspired by nature. She lived near the seaside in St Ives, Cornwall and often used the shapes of shells and rocks to inspire her work.

Do you think you could be a Sculptor? What would you make? Try creating a simple sculpture from a bar of soap! Click here to learn how.


Have Fabulous Friday and a restful weekend.
Miss Lobb x