Home Learning: Day 54 (Thursday 25/6/20)

Good Morning Beech Class!
It looks like it will be another day of glorious sunshine, as well as another day of scorching home learning tasks! Take a break today and get moving to a Summer Song that was popular when I was 14 years old..


Measure: To read mass on a scale
In this lesson, we will be applying our knowledge of scales and of multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 to accurately read mass on different scales. Click here to get started.

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Chapter 3 of Queen Martha, is ready to read…
My head shot up. A tall silhouette stood in the doorway. My heart stepped up a gear. “Who are you?” I asked, edging back from the stranger.

To make your Wizard descriptions more detailed try using expanded noun phrases. These are phrases that have a noun and at least one adjective in them. Watch this video as a quick reminder.

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Weekly Project: How do we know about Ancient Egypt?
How are you getting on with this weeks project? What have you discovered so far?

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Take a brain break and get Footloose!


Tongue Twisters
Writing from Michael Rosen that’s designed to get your tongue in a twist! See how fast you can go…TongueTwisters


Have a Thankful Thursday.
Miss Lobb x