Home Learning: Day 50 (Friday 19/6/20)

Good Morning…
WOW! What an achievement Beech Class, Day 50 of your Home Learning. I think this deserves a Celebration. Well done Beech Class!

Drop us a note…
So how have you done it Beech Class? What tactics have you used to keep-up your learning at home. Have you kept your normal morning routine or do you stay in your pyjamas all day? Do you exercise before looking at the Blog, or just do some deep breathing to clear your mind ready to fill it with more information?!

And what do you think has improved the most…is it your handwriting, your TTR speed, your reading, or maybe you’ve become great investigators and fact finders. Drop us a note and let us know.

Windrush Day: 22 June

Join us and raise your voice in unity this Windrush Day.

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At 10:27am on Monday 22 June we’re calling on YOU to join together as one to celebrate the Windrush Generation with a special version of a universally loved song in their honour. The time of 10:27am represents the arrival of 1,027 people on the original Empire Windrush.

You will find links to the song and the lyrics on this website, so you can learn the song ready for Monday. There is also a ‘Windows for Windrush’ activity so you can decorate your windows or front door.

Rectangles & Right Angles

In this lesson, we will be looking in detail at the properties of rectangles and identifying these. This will build on our work on angles, particularly right angles. Click here to get started.

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Chapter 4 of The Selkie, is ready to read…

The moon was bright, and we picked our way, climbing higher. No one spoke but I could feel the tension rising.

When writing the next part of the story think about the sequence of events…
Beginning – follow on from where the last chapter finished; where is your character and what are they doing?
Middle – who do they meet; what is the problem they need to solve? is there a deadline?
End – how do they overcome the problem? Where do they end up? How are they feeling?

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 22.05.27

This week you have a list of random words to practise. Your Spelling Test has been set for next Wednesday, the 24th June.

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Michael Rosen Poems

Inspired by all the amazing Poems that you have been sending in, I’ve selected some of my favourite Michael Rosen poems…so hard to choose which ones! Some of these rhyme, some repeat and some just tell a story. All read by someone you may recognise!


Beech Class you’ve done some fantastic work this week. Well done to all of you that have uploaded, or sent in, work. Don’t worry if you are still putting the finishing touches to your masterpiece, there is always next week’s gallery. Lets take a look at what you’ve achieved…

Anna-May reporting for Egyptian News


Bold But Nervous Poems
I have been completely ‘blown-away’ by your incredible Poems. You should all be very proud of these…

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Endoskeleton VS Ectoskeleton Posters

More GREAT work Beech Class. Your drawings are very detailed and it’s clear to see that you have excellent fact-finding and presenting skills.



It’s All in The Detail
Two brilliant animal drawings from Daisy and Tabitha, I look forward to seeing more next week





Have a Fabulous Friday and a relaxing Weekend…

Miss Lobb x