Home Learning: Day 47 (Tuesday 16/6/20)

Good Morning Beech Class!
How are you all feeling this morning? Remember my top-tip from last week…if you are finding it hard to get started with your Home Learning or are struggling to concentrate, take a break and get your bodies moving. I’ve added a GoNoodle at the bottom of the Blog to help exercise your brains…!

Black Lives Matter
Votes for Schools: Should you stand-up for other people?
Further to messages from both Dunraven’s CEO David Boyle and Michaela Christian, please find below the ‘Votes for Schools’ for this week.

This is a ‘learning journey’ for the week, so can be spread across the week rather than done in one sitting. An overview of the learning on slide 5 (pic below), is useful for planning what to do, and when to do it.

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 20.27.38

Angles and Shapes: Perpendicular Lines
Following on from yesterday’s lesson, today we will be looking at horizontal and vertical lines and how these relate to perpendicular lines. We will then identify where we find these in the real-world and begin to draw them. Click here to get started.

Screenshot 2020-06-13 at 17.06.02

Chapter 1 of our new book, The Selkie, is ready to read…enjoy!

‘Raveena and her Mum travel to Northern Island to visit family. Whilst staying there Raveena encounters a strange creature…’

Today’s writing activity is about ‘long journeys’. The longest journey I ever had was from London to New Zealand. To get there I had to travel on a train, three aeroplanes and a taxi. It took me a total of 30 hours to get there! What’s the longest Journey you’ve ever been on?

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How is your Spelling practise going? Your test will be on tomorrow’s Blog.


Take a brain break…
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Have a Terrific Tuesday!

Miss Lobb x