Home Learning: Day 35

Hello, Beech Class!

One last push before the half term holiday! And it’s SHARING FRIDAY!

Let’s get straight into it!

Today’s learning


Today’s maths has been set on My Maths and is called ‘HTO place value’.

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.

English and Reading

E - Safety | Aldbury Church of England Primary School

It’s our last day of eSafety quizzes on Purple Mash today; they are really important for you to try as whilst the internet is a great place to explore, learn and communicate, it can also be harmful if we don’t prepare ourselves.

Oak National Academy

There are now a full set of lessons for two units of maths on Oak National Academy: ‘fractions’ and ‘angles and shape’.  This includes a lot of the learning we would have completed in school this term so try to get stuck into these if you haven’t already.  It’s certainly more of a challenge than My Maths as it includes a lot of new learning. Feel free to check it out!

Ongoing weekly work

Don’t forget, you have the half term to complete your time to work on your History project . You can also revise previous spellings and your TTRS online.

Sharing Friday

Time for our final Sharing Friday of the term! Let’s see what you’ve been up to!


And me?

I’ve been carrying on with my piano study. I’m fortunate enough to have a friend who is a piano teacher so sometimes I send them videos to look over so that they can give me tips on how to improve (yes, teachers can improve on their learning too!). Here’s a video I sent them this week of a well known African American spiritual song called ‘Kumbaya, My Lord’. Ignore my “concentrating face” and my housemates who were walking around while I played!


Well done for completing another term, Beech class. Your hard work never ceases to amaze me! I hope you have a safe, fun, relaxing, peaceful, adventurous, warm half term (although maybe not all at once)!

Take care,

Mr. Oyewole