Home School: Day 23

Hello, Beech class!

A reminder that I will be deleting old content tomorrow so make sure you take one more trip down memory lane before it’s gone!

Today’s learning


This week, we will be revising some of our fractions knowledge from Year 2.

Today’s task is set on My Maths and is called ‘Modelling fractions of amounts’.

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.

If you are after something a bit more challenging, don’t forget that you can try to learn some year 3 fractions over at Oak Academy.

You can find week 3’s lessons: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s lessons here.

If you missed them, week 1 and week 2’s lessons are also available here if you scroll down the page.


Today’s English task is a Purple Mash task called ‘Jane’s monster’ and it’s all about using ‘s to show possession – that means when something or someone belongs to something or someone. However, you will also need to use apostrophes () to show a contraction – that means when two words have been put together to make it shorter. Finally, you will also need to use to form plurals – that means when there is more than one of something.


We use s to form plurals – Amy had lots of dogs.

We use  to show contractions –  Ayo didnt like football. 

We use ‘s to show possession –  Fatima‘s favourite drink was mango juice.

We use s‘ to show plural and possession – The puppies‘ mother showed them how to climb up the stairs.

Watch out!

An exception to the rule is its. We usually use this to show when an object belongs to something. However, we don’t use ‘sThat’s because we already use s for when we shorten it is to it’s

e.g. “Put the pencil back in its case. It’s distracting you!”  (The pencil belongs to the case. It is distracting)

Very tricky! Good luck!

Today’s pages

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Yesterday’s answers

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Audible is a fantastic resource, which you may already be taking advantage of.

There are collection of stories called Aesop’s Fables on this site.  This is a famous collection of stories that date back over 2,500 years!  Not much is known about Aesop himself or whether he even existed, but like all fables, the stories carry a message or lesson for us to learn.

Can you listen to at least one of the stories (you don’t have to listen to the whole 45 minute volume!) in this collection and summarise what lesson we can learn from the story?

Aesop’s Fables Volume 1

Aesop’s Fables Volume 2

After that, you could try to write your own fable (a story with a message).

Beth and the Nile

If you haven’t already written your book review of Beth and the Nile, please head over to Purple Mash to complete it.


Joe Wicks is carrying on with his daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9:00 am today!


Here is some handwriting that you could do today:


Weekly work

Don’t forget to carry on with your spellings, TTRS and History.

Take care,

Mr. Oyewole