Home School: Day 22

Hello, Beech class!

Welcome to another day of home school. Thank you to the people who have sent in their photos from Pyjamarama day. Please do send some in if you haven’t yet.

Just to inform you all, in order to create more storage for our posts on the blog, I will need to permanently delete some of the old Beech class posts from Key Stage 1. If you would like to have one last look at the old photos before they’re gone, please do as I will start deleting old content on Thursday.

Today’s learning


This week, we will be revising some of our fractions knowledge from Year 2.

Today’s task is set on My Maths and is called ‘Simple fractions’.

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.

If you are after something a bit more challenging, don’t forget that you can try to learn some year 3 fractions over at Oak Academy.

You can find week 3’s lessons: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s lessons here.

If you missed them, week 1 and week 2’s lessons are also available here if you scroll down the page.


Today’s English is a Purple Mash task called ‘Frank’s window again’ and is all about using speech marks in more complex ways. The task on the site is a bit fiddly so if you would prefer to do it in your books, then you are more than welcome to.


You can put a break in-between speech, but you will need to punctuate correctly.


When you put a break in-between in the middle of a sentence,” Mr. Oyewole warned, you might use two commas.”

Here is today’s learning followed by yesterday’s answers.

Today’s learning

Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5

Yesterday’s answers

Page 1:

Jake’s        gifts        packs       Trumps

Page 2:

boys       conkers       boys’       dogs       chis

Page 3:

friends       Harry’s       swings

Page 4:

boy’s       Imran’s       crisps

Page 5:

emails       friends


Because of Pyjamarama day, we missed out on chapter 5 and I forgot to set that for yesterday. Apologies for that if you skipped chapter 5 and went straight to 6. If you did that, it would be a good idea to go back and read chapter 5! The seventh and final chapter is ready for you to complete, along with a book review task.


Joe Wicks is carrying on with his daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9:00 am today!


Here is some handwriting that you could do today:

Day 22

Weekly work

Don’t forget to carry on with your spellings, TTRS and History.

Take care,

Mr. Oyewole