Home School: Day 19

Hello, Beech class!

I hope you’re all well and keeping your spirits up despite this miserable weather! A reminder that tomorrow is Pyjamarama day so keep your eyes peeled for loads of fun activities to do at home instead of our usual home learning! Turn up in your best pyjamas and feel free to send in photos for the blog!

Today’s learning


Today’s maths has been set on My Maths and is called ‘Frequency tables and bar charts’.

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


For English, you need imagine you are your alien and write a postcard back to your home planet about your experience. You can do this on the Purple Mash activity ‘Alien Visitor’ or you can do it in your book. What things will your alien find strange about humans? Here is a short example:

e.g. These earthlings are most strange beings! They play this bizarre game where they kick some black and white orb around a patch of grass. They are in two teams and it seems that they all want the sphere object and run after it and tackle each other to get it.  But then, when they finally do manage to get possession of the orb, instead of taking it back to their own net for safe keeping, they kick it into the other team’s net! They call this strange ritual ‘Football’.

After you’ve completed that, there is also an activity where you can design the rocket you used to get to Earth on the task called ‘Rocket’. There are some cool effects on there so do check it out on Purple Mash before deciding on whether to do it in your book or online (or both)!


Joe Wicks is carrying on with his daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9:00 am today!


Here is some handwriting that you could do today:

Day 18


Chapter 4 is now ready to read on Purple Mash.  There is also a rather fun task to create your own secret code, a bit like the hieroglyphics.  Alternatively, you could try the art challenge below…

Art – Hieroglyphics

Using the chart below, can you practise drawing your name in hieroglyphics.  Once you have drawn the symbols in pencil, you could colour them and decorate them.

Hieroglyphics | Egyptian hieroglyphics, Egyptian alphabet, Egypt ...


Here is this week’s virtual spelling test. I apologise in advance – I was a bit caught off guard by a friend of mine who makes an appearance in the video and so was quite distracted and made a few mistakes (none to do with the actual spellings, though)!

For example, I meant to say “You can find the word ‘Earth’ in the name ‘Eartha’ “, but instead said “you can find the name ‘Earth’ in the name ‘Eartha’ “, which you coud argue technically makes sense, but is a slightly clumsy sentence! Anyway, you’ll see what I mean when you watch the video! Enjoy!

Ongoing weekly work

Don’t forget to do your Science and TTRS !

Remember, today is the last day to send me pictures for sharing Friday if you want it to definitely be included this week!

Take care,

Mr. Oyewole