Home School: Day 18

Hello, Beech class!

I’ve been enjoying looking at your different aliens! I can’t wait to see what you get up to today.

Today’s learning


Today’s maths has been set on My Maths and is called ‘Introducing data’.

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


Now it is time to create a poem about your alien. Focus on using adjectives and similes. You can do this on Purple Mash on the activity ‘Alien simile poem’ or you can do it in your books.


a simile is when you describe something by comparing it to something else (think of the word ‘similar’). They usually use the words ‘like‘ or ‘as‘.

e.g. It has squirming tentacles as slimy as a slug

Its toes were covered in a soft, dense fur like a rug

You may also want to think about these features:

  • rhyme
  • rhythm
  • alliteration – when the first sound of a word or the consonants of  words are the same e.g. Pippa’s pet pig, Peppa, picked pickled peppers
  • assonance – when the vowel sounds of a word are similar e.g. The sound of brown cows chowing down


Exciting!  The children discover some hieroglyphics – the writing of the Ancient Egyptians.  They may look like doodles on a wall, but these pictures are how the Ancient Egyptians were able to write to keep track on things, share news and communicate. Chapter 3 is ready to go! There is also a writing task to try to predict and write the next part of the story – what is the secret message all about?

Hieroglyphics Language: The History of Ancient Egypt


Joe Wicks is carrying on with his daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel at 9:00 am today!


Here is some handwriting that you could do today:

Day 17

Ongoing weekly work

Don’t forget to do your Science and TTRS !

Finally, I’d like you all to join me in wishing Rosa-Kay a happy birthday – she turns 8 today! If you would like to send a birthday message, you can send them to year3@dunraven.org.uk and I will share them on Friday for everyone to see!

Birthday Cake 8 Clipart

(It’s quite tricky for me to keep a track of whose birthday is coming up from home so please do send a reminder to me a day or two before your birthday if you would like a shout out!)

Take care,

Mr. Oyewole