Home School: Day 1

Hello, Beech class, and welcome to your first day of home school! Now, I need everybody listening and sitting up straight. Excuse me, you in the front row! Yes, I’m talking to you! Sit up straight, please!

Now, I know that this is being posted on Sunday, but you need to start this work on Monday! A good way to start school is to agree on some expectations with your parents. It might be a good idea to write up a timetable for the day (just on a piece of paper for now) and then maybe at the end of your day today, you could even try and make your own visual timetable like we have in class! Here’s an example and list of things that you need to include:

Image result for visual timetable



You might also want to agree on some class rules before you start with your parents or carers such as “no mobiles during learning time” and these should be written up as well.

Today’s learning


Today’s maths has been set on My Maths and is called ‘Simple Fractions’.

Here is a reminder of how to log in to my maths:

Capture 2

Please go through the lesson activities and complete the questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


Today’s English has been set on Purple Mash and is called ‘The Fox and The Hen’.

You have to put different words into different categories: nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs.


Nouns are naming words; they are names of things, people, places or animals (e.g. shoe, mum, teacher, girl, James, London, school).

Verbs are doing words and are usually actions that we can see like ‘running‘, ‘talking‘ or ‘ writing‘. But they are also doing words that we can’t always see like ‘thinking‘, ‘stopping‘ or even ‘being‘. For example, if I said ‘The girl was sad’, ‘was‘ is the verb because it tells us what the girl is doing – she’s being sad!

Adjectives are words that describe nouns (e.g. happy, bitter, slow, beautiful, yellow, old).

Adverbs describe verbs; they tell us how something is done and usually end in -ly, (e.g. the girl ran quickly), but not always (e.g. James sang well).  ‘Very’, ‘once’ and ‘really’ count as adverbs because although it may seem that these words describe adjectives, they actually describe verbs or sometimes describe another adverb (which still counts as an adverb!) 

Today’s activity is timed. You may want to have a practice here first and write the answers in your home learning books so that when you need to sort the words into their boxes, you can do this quickly. However, if you just can’t manage to get the words into the boxes in time, you can either ask an adult to help you or you can just do it in your books and send me a picture of your work! I will post the answers tomorrow.

Here are the pages:

Page 1

Page 2

Also, here is a reminder of how to log in to Purple Mash:

Go to Purplemash.com and click on ‘Find my school’s login page’.

Capture 3


Then type ‘Dunraven’ in the search bar. Our school name should come up in the results. Click on it and then click on ‘Go to school portal’.

Capture 5

Then log in using your details.Capture 7

Next, click on 2Dos and you will find today’s work.

Capture 6



If you’re short on PE ideas, at 9:00 am today, you can try this brilliant PE lesson on YouTube live with Joe Wicks. Here is the information on his website and here is his YouTube channel.  Don’t worry if you missed today’s session, there will be another one at the same time tomorrow!


Here is some handwriting you could do today:

Spelling 1

3 times table competition!

Firstly, Times Table Rockstars is set up for a practice of 3x tables on Garage mode – if you can take a screen shot of your speed (“print screen” button on most computers) and email it to year3@dunraven.org.uk, we can put together our fastest and most improved times for the end of the week – so get practising!

Top tip: If your computer has a number pad use that and the “Enter” key to be even quicker.  Here is an example of a screen shot – check out Mr. Norman’s speed (which is measured in seconds per question)!  I’ll also be keeping track of the number of coins that have been earned over the week.

TTR score example


Your spelling was set on Friday and can still be practised on Purple Mash.  However, you will also be sent a spelling test quiz to your email address from Google Classroom on Wednesday.  Open up the quiz and select the correct spelling for each word!  Let’s see if we have any 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 spellers!  You will have until Friday to do it, so take your time practising before you start the test!


Science magnet experiment (fair testing)

First, watch these clips:


Find as many magnets in your house as you can.  Remember to check your fridge and cupboard door fastenings.  Can you come up with a test to see which magnet is the strongest?  How can you make sure that it is fair for each magnet? Put your results in a table like this:

Magnet number Result (what are you measuring?)

If you can’t think of a test, try one of the ideas below (SPOILER ALERT!):

How many sheets of paper can the magnets hold when stuck against the fridge door?  How many paperclips fastened together can it hold? Using a ruler, how close does the magnet need to be before it attracts a paperclip (or other magnetic material) towards it?

Be sure to check in tomorrow for your next day of learning!  Let’s get working!

Good luck and remember to e-mail me at year3@dunraven.org.uk if you need any help or would like to share your work!

Best wishes,

Mr. Oyewole