More tea, sir/madam?

Cloud Tea Monkeys

This week, we made a start on our new book ‘Cloud Tea Monkeys’. We started this by throwing a tea tasting party. Beech class tried five different types of tea and were served by Mr. Oyewole and Ms. Lobb. The Night Time Tea was a firm favourite!



In maths, we concluded our learning on time by completing a series of time challenges. One of the challenges was to try and guess when we thought one minute had passed and signal this by raising our hands (and closing our eyes do we wouldn’t be influenced by others). This was great fun, but with varying results!





spelling spr2w3

Take the Purple Mash quiz – it’s available now!


This week we have been working on telling the time using a 24 hour digital clock. Please use this interactive clock to practise with your child.

Maths homework has also been set on My Maths. Please go through the lesson activities and complete the homework questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


Mr. Oyewole’s weekly challenge

This week’s challenge is to create your own tongue twister. Good tongue twisters use a lot of alliteration (when the first sound of aword or the consonants of  words are the same e.g. Pippa’s pet pig, Peppa, liked peppers); assonance (when the vowel sounds of a word are similar e.g. The sound of brown cows chowing down) and can sometimes rhyme.

Here’s one I made today:

Chi Chi’s shop sold cheap chihuahuas and Chi Chi’s shop sold cherry colas

Chi Chi’s shop sold chips and chicken and second hand chipped Motoralas

People flock to Chi Chi’s shop for snacks, knick-kacks and bric-a-brac

But most just drop to Chi Chi’s shop for cheeky chuckles and cheerful chats.

Can you make your own tongue twister? Write it down in your homework book (or a piece of paper) and bring it into school on Monday!


Finally, an early ‘happy birthday’ to Mati!

Have a lovely weekend!