Farewell, Moon Man!

Moon Man

This week, we finally came to the end of our book, Moon Man. In the book, Moon Man decided that he had had quite enough of planet Earth and returned to the Moon. The book was also made into a short film. It’s in German, but it is subtitled and the visuals are quite stunning! If you have time, have a watch of it and we can discuss the differences to the book in class on Monday.

Click here to watch ‘Mondmann’!

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This week in Music, we have been carrying on with our recorder lessons. We played a song from start to finish alongside a backing track and had a lot of fun doing so!


Aim high

Some children in Beech class were lucky enough to attend an Aim High conference at Stockwell Primary School. Aim High focuses on giving pupils of all ages the chance to meet inspirational, highly-successful professionals from minority groups that are underrepresented in certain professional and academic fields. The children had a great time and asked a lot of insightful questions.


Parents’ evening

Thank you to everybody that has booked a slot for parents’ evening. It will be taking place on Wednesday and Thursday next week.



This week, we have been working on dividing  2 digit numbers. We did this by creating the number as tens and ones; sharing them out equally; and then counting how many tens and ones were in each group.


Capture 4

Please practise this at home.

Maths homework has also been set on My Maths. Please go through the lesson activities and complete the homework questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


Next week, we will be looking at ‘Blood Village’ an oral story that we will be exploring further next half term. This week’s spellings are taken directly from the oral story. As a result, there is no Purple Mash quiz. Please make sure you understand the meanings of the words as well as how to spell them.


Mr. Oyewole’s weekly challenge

Every week, I will post a challenge that encourages you to think in creative ways. This might be a puzzle, a brain teaser or a task. This week, it is a riddle:

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?

Every child who can bring me the answer to the riddle on Monday will receive 10 house points!

Finally, a very belated happy birthday to Michael who I forgot to mention earlier last month!