Class trip!

Horniman Museum

This week, Beech class attended their long-awaited trip to the Horniman Museum! This ties into our learning about The Bronze Age, but there were also many incredible other exhibitions to explore. A fun time was had by all and there was almost too much to take in for just one day so I really do recommend taking your child for another visit! Also, a  massive thank you to Rory’s dad, Conor’s dad and Saya’s grandmother for coming along!


Alegebra cadabra!

Please enjoy a couple photos of some maths wizards in our class taking their maths challenges very seriously. (Don’t worry – we’re allowed to write on the table at Dunraven!)




In maths we’ve been focusing on our times tables. We looked at what happens to a number when it is multiplied by 10 (and then 100).

We learnt that the number shifts one place to the left in place value (or two places if multiplying by 100). We do NOT teach that you simply add a zero to the end as this will not help us later when we go on to learn about multiplying decimals (e.g. 2.5 x 10 is not equal to 2.50). Please practise this principle with your child.

Maths homework has also been set on My Maths. Please go through the lesson activities and complete the homework questions – don’t forget to press ‘mark it!’.


These are the spellings for next week. Children only need to learn the words circled in orange. Please learn them by Tuesday.

They have been set on PurpleMash for you as a quiz too.

Capture 2


Britain’s Pompeii: A Village Lost in Time

Here is a great documentary about a Bronze Age village called Must Farm, which was discovered in 2015.  It is named after the Ancient Roman city of Pompeii (which we learnt was covered by ash and rock from Mount Versuvius erupting) because it is so well preserved, having sunk into a river when it was set on fire thousands of years ago.  Some really interesting artifacts were uncovered – see how many you recognize from our learning so far this term.

(This is obviously an optional extra for homework!)


Have a lovely weekend and a belated happy birthday to Conor and an early one to Ezekiel!

Mr. Oyewole