Soil detectives

In science this week, we learned about what is soil is made from by doing some detective work. Using soil from the secret garden, we were able to split the soil up into layers to show what it is made from, by mixing it with water in a jar, shaking and waiting.

We discovered that organic matter which hasn’t decayed or rotted yet is quite light, so floats on the surface. The heaviest part of soil was the broken down rocks, which sunk to the bottom, and just above that was the humus (not the kind you eat!). Humus is what is left behind when animals and plants decay.

In art, we completed our volcanoes using paint and tissue paper. We hope you’re as impressed with them as we are!IMG_20191206_121156

Maths homework

Well done to everyone for continuing to practise their 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. A huge congratulations to our top three Times Table Rockstars, who all got 60 questions correct in less than 3 minutes: Jerome, Lilly and Edie. Please continue to practise these as much as possible.

My Maths homework is some final revision of the addition and subtraction we have covered this term, including some missing part problems.


Please log in to Purple Mash and refresh your knowledge of the spellings that have been learned so far this half term.
Aut 2 - week 6

We have been reading…

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.9781406378412

We have really been enjoying the mysterious story about a man made from iron whose head is as large as a house! We look forward to finding out what happens next.

Christmas talent show

During the last week of term there will be a primary talent show final. If you are interested in auditioning, please think of a talent that you would like to share and practise. We will be having auditions at the end of next week to see which year 3 acts make it to the grand final.