Speech marks and rounding

This week, we continued to practise punctuating speech.

We then applied the skill when creating our own retellings of The Mammoth Hunt.

In maths, we rounded numbers to the nearest multiple of 100, using beadstrings and the rhyme:
50 and above, give it a shove! (round up)
49 and below, let it go! (round down)

Use this Rocket Rounding activity, selecting ‘up to 999 to nearest 100’, to help you practise:

rocket rounding.PNG

We also tried to get quicker at adding to 100 (e.g. 37 + ? = 100). Practise at home on Hit the Button, selecting the ‘make 100’ option.

hit the button make 100.PNG

In art next half term, we will be creating volcanoes. To help with this, it would be great if you could bring in any empty kitchen roll tubes you have as well as old newspapers. Thank you.

There is no homework over half-term, to give you plenty of time to relax and recharge. Do make sure to continue to read as much as possible though!

Have a lovely week,

Ms Marsh