Nutrients exploration

Thank you to everyone who brought in food packaging this week. We had a great time examining the nutrition information and comparing the different amounts of nutrients. We were surprised by some of our findings, especially when thinking about how much sugar can be found in certain foods.


Next week, we will be working on our new maths unit involving place value of 3-digit numbers. Please have a go at the MyMaths homework that has been set called ‘HTO Place Value.’

Well done to the following children for completing their MyMaths homework last week and pressing the ‘Mark it’ button:
Jerome, Lilly, Saya, Ethan, Sasha, Cora, Rosa-Kay, Mati, Hannah, Nevaeh, Ayden, Finn, Anna-May, Tais, Ezekiel, Frieda, Daisy and Tabi.
If you are having problems completing the work online, please let me know.
This week’s words have the spelling ch to make the /sh/ sound. These words originally come from French so don’t be surprised if some are unfamiliar to you!
Week 5 spellings list
As usual, please practise them using the look, say, cover, write, check method and by having a go at the quiz on Purple Mash. If you want to show their meaning, it would be great if you could write them into sentences. Don’t forget your capital letters and full stops!
week 5 quiz
Have a lovely weekend!