Terrific tinting

In art this week, we experimented with making tints by starting with white and adding a little bit more of the same colour each time. We will be using this knowledge to help us create backgrounds for some exciting Stone Henge art work coming up.

A huge thank you to Mr Moverley for coming in this week to talk to the class about his job as an orthopaedic surgeon. We learned a lot about the skeleton and its role to support, protect and move as well as the muscles in the body and how they work.

If there are any other parents who have particular expertise or knowledge that they feel might link to our curriculum and would like to share, please do get in touch!

Food packaging

Next Tuesday, we will be looking at and comparing nutrition information on food packaging as part of our science topic. It would be great if all children could bring in at least one piece of packaging to help with this (either on Monday or Tuesday). If you’re happy and able to bring in more, please do 🙂


Well done to the following children who completed their MyMaths homework last week:

Lilly, Rhian, Ira, Rosa-Kay, Hannah, Ayden, Finn, Sasha, Anna, Cora, Mati, Ezekiel, Conor and Tabi.

If you completed the activity and don’t see your name here, it could be because you did not press ‘Mark It’ on each page. If you are having problems accessing the site, please let me know as soon as possible.

This week, please have a go at adding 2-digit numbers on MyMaths.  Remember to press ‘Mark it’ on each page.

You do not need to use this part:



Spellings this week are a random selection of words from the statutory year 3/4 word list.

week 4 spellings list

Please have a go at practising them using the quiz below and if you can, write them into sentences in your book.

week 4 spellings 2do

Have a wonderful weekend!