Column method, RSE and our Summer fair

This week, we have been learning to use the column method to add 2 digit numbers. We first used our Dienes on a place value chart – then we replaced the Dienes with numbers. It is quite tricky but we have not given up and we are getting better. We are going to keep practicing as we know we will get better. Once we are confident with adding we are going to move on to subtraction.


In RSE we discussed the question – Is it OK for boys to play with dolls? First, we discussed what are boys toys and what are girls toys. At first, some of us said bikes and footballs were boys toys. Then we discussed it further and decided that any type of toy can be played with by either boys or girls. We have also talked about mammals and that they need a male and a female mammal to produce offspring.


Summer Fair

We have talked about our summer fair and our class game is “get the ball in the bucket”. You win house points for getting it in the bucket. There will also be lots of other exciting stands and lots of food. We hope that you can come!

Home learning

Spellings Homework Week 5

Maths homework – week 5