What is the best material to make curtains from?

Our question in science this week was, what is the best material to make curtains from. First we made a prediction using information that we already have. Then we carried out a fair test. We know it was a fair test because we only changed the type of material we were testing and we kept everything else the same – including the light source. We decided that cardboard was the most opaque material. However, this would not be suitable for making curtains as it would be difficult to draw them at night. We decided that cotton was the best material because it did not let much light through and it is flexible.

In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 999. We have made different 3 digit numbers with Dienes and we have compared different 3 digit numbers – deciding whether they were greater or less. We were all really confident with our place value of a 3 digit number!

Home learning

As it is Science week when we return, our home learning is all about Science.

Science week home learning FINISHED

Spellings Homework Week 5

We will also be learning this song for our assembly – so it would be great if you could start to watch it and learn the lyrics


Have a lovely break!