Money, Multiculturalism and Materials

This week, we have started a new module in Maths – Money.  We have been looking at the value of different notes and coins. We have been making the same value with different coins and notes. We have discovered that there are lots of ways to make £1 and lots of ways to make £20.

In Science, we have been asking the question – What is most suitable material to make the three little pigs’ house from?. We answered our question by exploring different materials, looking at their properties and recording our answers on a table.

We have also celebrated the different ethnic origins in our school and the amazing diversity of our local community.  We talked about our ethnic origin and why it is good to embrace difference.

School visit.

We will be visiting the London Transport Museum on Tuesday 2nd April. To enable us to leave school at 9 am please could all children be at school for 8.30 am.

Home learning 

Maths Homework Week 5

Spellings Homework Week 5