Bears, Libary and Climate Change Day

This week, we have been rewriting the Robot and the Bluebird but we have changed  one of the characters, the problem and the resolution. In Science, we have be revising our habitat module and looked at different types of bear and the different habitats in which they live.  We have used this knowledge in our story  and swapped the bluebird for either a panda bear, a polar bear or a brown bear.


Every other Wednesday, we change our book in the library. We really enjoy this and it helps to develop our reading skills. Our friends have also been practicing reading aloud to the class which we love!


For our Climate Change Day we did lots of different activities which helped us to answer the big question – What is climate change? Why do we care?

Home learning 


Spellings Homework Week 4v1


The maths home learning is also on mymaths.

Maths Homework Week 4

Next Friday, we will be having a “Multicultural Day” and celebrating our diversity. You can talk to your families about your ethnic origin and think about what national costume you might want to wear.