This week

This week, we have retold the story of the Robot and the Bluebird.  Our writing is amazing! We have used lots of expanded noun phrases and complex sentences.  Lots of us were able to use a possessive apostrophe and contractions in our writing – some  of us even put a question in our story.

Next week, we will be changing one of the characters in our story. We will swap the bluebird for a bear that is lost and needs to get back to its correct habit. We can either chose a panda bear, a brown grizzly bear or a polar bear.

In maths, we have been practicing our subtracting strategies. Our favorite strategy is to draw our whole in our place value chart, then check whether we can subtract our ones and if we can’t we then regroup ten. In our maths meetings, we have also been practicing to find a quarter and a third of an amount.

In Science, we have been learning that different materials have different properties. These different properties determine whether we can change an object’s shape or not. Our enquiry involved finding out which materials were rigid, flexible or elastic.

Home learning

Some families have asked for the maths homework to be on a sheet, which we have attached. The home learning will also be on the mymaths website.

Maths Homework Week 3


We are learning to spell words with the suffix    ness

Spellings Homework Week 3v1