Book Week, Science and our new book

We have had a lovely time during book week! We have had our class open to parents everyday,  we read with buddies in  year 3 and we have retold our book “Tuesday” in lots of different ways. We acted it out with actions, drew story maps and wrote it in our books. We also made lots of toads to go on our door display.



IMG_4906 (1)

The best part of the week was Thursday when we dressed up as on of the characters.

IMG_4932 (1)

We have also started our new book – The Robot and the Bluebird. It is a lovely story about the relationship between a lonely, broken robot and a tired bluebird that needs to get to south.

We have been working scientifically this week by answering the question – How can I change the shape of a material?  We gathered and recorded data to help us answer the question. We were then able to use the information we had found to make further predictions about other objects and materials.


Home learning

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