Advertising, dividing and multiplying

It is the week before our nativity and we have been doing lots of practise. In English, we have been learning to use persuasive language and have written our own advertisement for our nativity. We have used a question in the heading, we have written three exciting reasons why you should come and we have included key information. Before we do any writing we always orally compose our sentences and say them to our friend.

In Maths, we have been multiplying and dividing. Being able to skip count forwards in 2s, 3s, 5s and 10s made our multiplication much easier.

Home work
Dunraven’s Got Talent
Next Friday will be a Dunraven Talent Show for our children! We will hold auditions in class to work out who will make it to the final stages. Please practise with your child/help them choose whose group they want to be in and what talent they will do as this week’s main homework. Groups can only be within classes so all Chestnuts will be with Chestnuts! Everyone will audition with something – it can be some funny jokes, juggling, a song and dance or anything you have a talent for! Think Britain’s Got Talent and go for it. We won’t be having any costumes or backing tracks for this.


Ongoing homework – please do continue practising to tell the time, especially to quarter past and quarter to.