Story Mountains, Reading Aloud and a Short Notice – Exciting Opportunity – please read to the bottom!

This week we have been creating story mountains to retell out story The Dark. We then used these mountains to rewrite the story in our own words – some of us even added a new  character.

We have also been taking it in turns to read to the class. Our friends have loved us reading stories to them and it has helped us to read out loud.

Please make your Nativity costume. All the details you need are here in the attachment.
Maths – go onto this website and practise our 2x, 5x and 10x tables only!
As an extra, perhaps we could write them out into our homework book.
Spelling – children can write out spellings or write them out once and draw a picture to help them remember how to spell them.
Exciting opportunity!
Apologies for the short notice, but an exciting opportunity has just presented itself. We have the chance to appear in  this year’s Christmas Lectures from the Royal Institution which will be all about “Who am I” and what makes us totally unique.
We have been invited to send a clip of us performing the song “This is Me” from the Greatest Showman. The clips will be edited and will create a virtual choir. This will be broadcast on BBC Four as part of a live performance of the song.
What we need to do this weekend as the deadline is Tuesday 4th December 2018 is complete the child consent forms and return in their book bags on Monday 3rd December 2018. 
If you want your child to appear in the clip you must sign the consent form which is attached below (a hard copy will also be in book bags) and return by Monday.
Please see links below.