Pictograms and data, suffixes and the new £50!

This week, we have started a new module in Maths. We have been collecting, presenting and interpreting data. We have found most people in our class have brown eyes!

In English, we have been comparing nouns and using the er and est suffix.

In PE, we have continued to practise our nativity dances and throughout the week we have been rehearsing all of our songs.

Think Science, draw scientists!

The Bank of England are asking us to help them to decide who should be on the back of the new £50 note. The person has to have contributed to the field of science, be real, not be alive and should inspire us.

In school, we have learnt about some of the possible candidates including: Sir Issac Newton, Ada Lovelace and Alan Turing. You should do some research to find your favourite scientists, then nominate them. You can do this online via the website link below. If you want to design your own bank note you can download the activity sheet via this website and send it to the given address – remember to read the rules – do not try to copy banknotes exactly as this is against the law! If you want to share a photo of your design you can do this on Twitter @bankofengland.

The deadline is the 14th December 2018.

Good luck!


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