Art, Brixton, PE and Medicine Making

We’ve had a very full week with lots of different lessons and activities.

In Art, we have almost finished our toy paintings – they are looking amazing.

In PE, we have been developing our dexterity moving over and under obstacles.

We went to Brixton Market and we bought ingredients to make the same medicines that Mary Seacole made including: lemongrass, ginger and aloe vera . We talked to the stall holders about other Caribbean food and how they get from places like Jamaica to England.

We also read the war memorial, in Windrush Square, that is dedicated to the African and Caribbean, men and women, that fought in the World Wars.

To help us in English, we made the lemongrass into medicine.  We ordered instructions, then we wrote the instructions using imperative verbs.

Home work

Spellings Homework Week 6

Maths homework week 6