Weekly Round Up!

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Why do Emperor penguins live in Antarctica?

We’ve answered our topic question for this half term this week! See why we think Emperor penguins live in Antarctica…

All of our caterpillars have transformed into Chrysalides and have been moved into their butterfly habitat this week! Who knows when we will observe some more changes…

We have started looking at addition and subtraction within 100 this week- tricky stuff! We have focused on adding ones to a two-digit number. We have used beadstrings, mental strategies and concrete manipulatives such as Dienes to help us with this. Check out some of the work we have been doing…

An exciting gift…
We had an unexpected exciting gift this week! Conor got a parcel from someone at the European Space Agency with some cool stickers and a note inside! We were super excited- thanks Conor (and Ruth…)!

Return date is 30.05.18

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