Weekly Round Up

A reminder that our class assembly is next FRIDAY 11TH MAY at 9.15am.
If you could make sure costumes are in school by Tuesday 8th May, this will mean we can begin dress rehearsals!

We have continued looking at number beyond 50 this week. It has been quite tricky but we have worked super hard! We have represented numbers beyond 50 with Dienes on Place Value Charts and compared numbers to 100 on a number line. We have also started looking at how we can represent numbers beyond 50 pictorially in different ways.

We have been looking at a non fiction text in English this week called One day on Our Blue Planet in the Savannah. It is a fact book all about lions. We have learnt that lions live in a group called a pride and that they are carnivores. Cubs drink their mother’s milk, which means that they are mammals. We have talked a lot about the different facts and have written our own fact files.

Return date is 16.05.28

We had a surprise arrival this week! Caterpillars! We are going to observe them over time and see how they change.