Weekly Round Up!

We have started practising for our class assembly this week. We are being super sensible and it promises to be an amazing performance (even if we do say ourselves)!
Please find the lines and letter to families here.

We have continued with poetry this week and have written our very own rhyming animal poems! They are amazing and will be up in a ‘poetry corner’ during the open parents evening in the summer.

We have started a new unit this week: Number to 50 and beyond. We have looked at place value and partitioning numbers into its tens and ones.

We went on an animal hunt around school this week. We found lots of different insects and birds! We may have some insect friends joining us next week so we can observe how they change over time…

We have continued to look at our big question for this half term in geography; Why don’t Emperor Penguins live in the UK? This week we looked at the physical features of the UK vs. Antarctica. We decided that these two places are very different environmentally. Maybe you could explain to someone at home which physical features Antarctica has that the UK does not and why this is a more suitable environment for Emperor Penguins?