Weekly round up!

World Water Day
We split into our house teams to go around to different teachers, who taught us different sessions that were all about water.
Ms Drake’s session was all about water pollution and the impact plastic and rubbish dumping is having on our oceans and wildlife.
We polluted our water with oil, mud, plastic, shaving foam, newspaper and all sorts of other things and then we were challenged to see if we could easily clean it! The answer was no… so we decided to make some posters to put around the school to persuade other people to reduce their use of plastic and to remember to always recycle!

Return date : 18.04.18

We have been looking at fractions this week. We have been finding half and quarters of shapes and quantities! It’s been pretty tricky but we have worked so hard and are now pretty good…

We had a visit from the NSPCC this week to tell us how much we raised through our readathon. Dunraven managed to raise over £1000, which is amazing! A massive thank you to all families and friends of the children who contributed.

We have been retelling ‘Man on the Moon’ this week. As always, we have retold the story orally, physically and rewritten it! Have a look at some of our retelling…

Home Learning
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